** Customised Pet Earrings (Cat or dog) pls read description for info before you purchase

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Let me create a pair of customised pet stud earrings to match your little loved ones! Starting with either cats or dogs - please contact if you are interested in a different kind of pet to enquire. (I've done alpacas!) ๐Ÿ˜œ

These studs will be approx 1-2cm in size. please see pictures of previous custom orders for an example of pet earrings and size. If you prefer a dangle then I can also do hook tops but please let me know when you purchase otherwise they will be studs. ๐Ÿ’šย 

I can either make 2 matching studs of the same pet or mix match maybe cat/dog or two different dogs per ear etc. just let me know when you order. mix match ones may go up in price in the future.

When you purchase this you just need to send me one or a few clear front on pictures of your pet / pets and let me know their names! :) I will try my best to create your pets and give them some personality. :) please contact via email at cutenclayful@outlook.com (n not and) or send a dm anytime on instagram (most active here) or facebook. @cuteandclayful - I will respond asap

Handmade with polymer clay, love and anti allergy safe backings.

I don't want to rush your special earrings so please allow up to 4 weeks production time before posting, however I love to get things to you guys very fast so i'll be as fast as possible, depends on how many order I have.


Thannk you

Esther x