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Let me create a customised pet brooch to match your furry little loved one! Starting with either cats or dogs - please contact if you are interested in a different kind of pet to enquire. (*I've done alpacas and goats as earrings!) 😜

The brooch will be approx 3-4 cm in size. please see sunilar photo for sizing. πŸ’šΒ 

When you purchase this you just need to send me one or a few clear front on pictures of your pet / pets and let me know their names! :) I know it can be hard to get clear pictures of your excitable jumpy friends sometimes but the clearer, the better for me to see all details.

I will try my best to create your pets and give them some personality. :) please contact via email at (n not and) or send a dm anytime on instagram (most active here) or facebook. @cutenclayful - I will respond asap

Handmade with polymer clay.

I don't want to rush your special earrings so please allow up to 4 weeks production time before posting, however I love to get things to you guys very fast so i'll be as fast as possible, depends on how many order I have.


Thannk you

Esther x